Boto Ishwardat

BOTO WIDMIETREDATH ISHWARDAT <br />BORN IN SURINAME SOUTH-AMERICA <br />RESIDENCE:THE NETHERLANDS/THE HAGUE <br />SONGWRITER COMPOSER PERFORMER PRODUCER of HINDIMUSIC in The Netherlands. <br /><br />There are about 60 songs that I've allready produced on cd and stap by stap I'll present it to the <br />This video is broadcasted over more than 180 countries,from South America till Asia and Polynasia. <br />I've performed my music on stages of many Bollywood stars,as Udit Narayan,Kumar Sanu,Abhijeet,Mahender Kapoor,Sonu Nigam,Ila Arun,Vandana Bajpay,Antakshiri with Anu Kapoor(Zee TV)and many more. <br /><br />I am lookin for Music Companies Radio's Televisions newspapers magazins whose interested to help me promote this video/music all over the world.Iam giving all media permission to promote my music.All my works are protected by the international authorslaw. <br />There are many more to come. <br />If you need the translation of this song or order my CD,just mail me.Boto WorldWide Distribution.(also looking for distributors). <br />The music and style what i have produced is universal,it's not related to a specific folk or culture,because of the soundwave's and the frequentions of my voice in combination with the music can touch the mind and the soul of anybody. <br /><br />Love is my strategy <br /><br />Just enjoy, <br />Love from Boto W.Ishwardat <br />The hague/The Netherlands <br /><br />Member of the INTERNATIONAL AUTHORSRIGHT ORGANISATION BUMA STEMRA(SINCE 1993). <br />Also info copyright & broadcasting <br />Hoofddorp/The Netherlands (more) (less) <br />