I am from Brampton, Ontario and I have been playing guitar since 1984. I first became interested in music as a 15 year old when my friend asked me if I played guitar ( I didn't at the time ) and if I wanted to start a heavy metal band with him. Two years later I bought a classical guitar and studied music in high school. I went on to study music full time at Humber College in Rexdale, Ontario ( my guitar teacher was Peter Harris ) from 1987 to 1989, mainly jazz and classical and rock. In the early 1990's I wrote and transcribed classical music ( mostly Bach ). Later on my interests moved from music to travelling and hockey and books. It wasn't until I bought a computer in 2000 that I began to write music on the computer using Cakewalk. IN 2005 I created my first CD: 16 String Ensembles after a one month classical writing spree. I used the Cakewalk Music Creator 2 ( it was anything but a cakewalk as I had to contact Cakewalk several times to get it to work, GGGGRRRR!!!! ). Also, I have an new guitar lesson website with all 50 of my guitar videos ( lessons and performance ) along with some other goodies on it: <br /> <br />