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I AM ...
Lighthearted or Frostbitten,
Depending how you rub me,
*I'm not a genie, fuckers!* ;D
IN LOVE, none of that fake crap
Read up if you don't believe me...
Born in September 28
Care to see my birth certificate!?
A kiddo at heart,
Gentleman at pure soul
The kind to keep it real
Thinking positive and see good in others
Noticing flaws and I'll hold it against your ill-will
Not an asshole, just open-minded
Have a problem?
Take the stick out of your ass
Addicted to the dreaded block button,
So be nice and I will do the same *deal*
A bullshitter. Yes, I love sarcasm.
Necromantic, dear god not necrophilic
Not a fanatic, I'm appreciative
Proud, not ignorant
A dreamer and a visioner,
Yes I can be both if I want
Explorative and individualistic,
Never settling for limitation

Lastly, not done talking about myself..