I LOVE MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE AND THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA!!! <br /><br />"Are You On Our Side And You Want To Be Different Or Are You On That Side And You Want To Throw A Football At My Head?" - GERARD WAY <br /><br />"You Can Beat Us, You Can Burn Us, You Can Break Us, You Can Drown Us, You Can Fucking Poison Us, But WE WILL NOT STOP." - Gerard Way <br /><br />Every word Gerard sings. Every beat Bob plays. Every solo Ray has put his heart into. Every note Mikey hit. Every rhythm that has EVER come out of Frankie's guitar. Save the lives of thousands who didn't think they could make it. <br /><br />♥My Chemical Romance♥ <br />It takes 1 sec. to love their looks <br />It takes 1 hr to love their songs <br />It takes 1 day to fall in love with them <br />It takes 1 lifetime to forget them <br /><br />A DIE HARD TRUE MCR FAN: <br />-Knows the true meaning behind "Helena" and what it means to Gerard and Mikey. <br />-Knows what MCR means. <br />-Knows what Gerard has been through. <br />-Knows that they had a former band member, Matt Pelissier, drummer. <br />-They love and care about their fans very, very much. <br />-Believes in the Black Parade. <br />-Isn't afraid to sing one of MCR's songs out loud in public. <br />-Is proud to be one. <br />-Dreams of them all day <br />-Takes Gerard's wise sayings seriously. <br />-Knows they aren't alone. <br />-Isn't a person who shops at Hollister and Abercrombie all day and wears pink clothes and a bunch of girly make-up everyday. <br />-Doesn't consider MCR totally emo. <br />-Doesn't like them just because they heard their song on the radio or saw 1 or 2 music videos. <br />-Knows they have 3 albums. <br />-Doesn't like them just because the lead singer is hot. <br />-Hates MCR fan posers. <br />-Has been to or wants to or is going to an MCR concert. (Projekt rev. counts) <br />-Isn't a person who wears black just because it's in style. <br />-Goes CRAZY when MCR is on the radio or tv <br />-Knows how the band really started out. <br />-Knows how much Frank loves New Jersey. <br />-Thinks MCR aren't rich vampires. <br />-Be yourself