Talib Zayid

Black Atheist of Atlanta was formed in March of 2011 by founder Blackson with the original crew of Sheba, Mock Rock Star, Dre and Ian. As the show progressed the issue of Atheism became clear as the term Black was used in the title opening up the debate of controversy of the very word separating from white Atheist. Thus the founder proclaiming that Black Atheism was different from White-atheism through the experiences of the Black-community world-wide involving religion.<br /><br />Blackson the former member of Comcast's 25 Hear O'Israel Show in Atlanta being no stranger to controversy called on his old friends Ankhkaket, D.J. and Bro. Yanga to deal with the racial issues brought on by the Atheist crowd. Ankhkakek who is known as God-Killa in Atlanta was also ready for the task at hand.