The Algerian Association Of Scotland <br /><br />The Algerian Association of Scotland provides a social and cultural forum where the community will blossom, and an opportunity to perpetuate our culture and thereby strengthen the British multicultural diversity. <br /><br />The AAS is the appropriate place for members of the community to meet, promote and express their shared concerns and views. The AAS is a non-profit, non-political, independent socio-cultural organization. <br /><br />The AAS intends to establish ties with other Associations pursuing similar interests, and to contribute to the social and cultural life of Glasgow. The AAS will endeavour to make the Algerian culture, customs and history better known to Scotland. The AAS is intended to be a means to reinforce the friendship and understanding between British and Algerians. <br /><br />The Executive Board invites members and friends of the Algerian community interested to support this fantastic project to join the AAS and take part in its activities. <br /><br />Please come and visit your home page at