Subhan Allah

The Prophet (PUH) said :<br /><br />Release the Captives,Feed the hungry &Visit the ill.This Visiting the ill will have 70000 angels praying for him till he retuens.<br />Charity lies in Allah Hands before it lies in the hands of the person asking for money.Charity puts out Allah anger like water putting out fire.<br />Have mercy on these on earth so that this in the sky has mercy on you as Allah pours mercy on the merciful.<br />Allah rewards for mildness what he doesnot reward for anything else as Allah is mild & likes mildness in everything.Cure your ill by charity & purify your money by Zakah.<br /><br />Every good act is a charity,every rememberance ,tasbeh& tahmid is charity,your smile to your brother is a charity & being on bed is a charity as you do halal instead of zina with other women.<br />Allah stretches his hand at night so that Day mistaken repent & so does he on day so that night mistaken repent.<br />Never despise a good act even a smile to your brother.<br />Purity is half the belief,subhan Allah fills the scale,Subhan Allah & Thanks to Allah fills in between Earth & Sky, Prayers & patience are light & charity is a proof .Everyone works ,some for their rescue & other for their destruction.<br />Say no good but Allah to succeed as it is the best remeberance.<br />No power except by Allah is a heaven treasure.<br />Subhan allah ,thanks to allah & Allah akbar are better than the world & its contents.<br /><br />2 words are light on tongue but heavy in the scale & liked by allah : subhan Allah & thanks to Allah the great.<br />This sending a prayer on the prophet (PUH) will have 10 sent on him.<br />Wine addict,slanderer ,the arrogant & this treating parents badly or not contacting his relatives or not feeling jealous over his women donot enter heaven.