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G'day everyone! It's Big Dan here, with a selection of clips here at DailyMotion. I like to alternate between YouTube and DM, with an emphasis here on Australian TV IDs and news opens, and the odd TV or movie opening logos.

Feel free to comment and ask about my clips.



Also, I'll only post logos and old commercials from now on. My rule of not uploading any recent ads excluding promos doesn't seem to help much.
6 years ago by GarfieldFan2000
In fact, I'm not giving up over here. However, I will hold off on uploading certain material (such as that owned by Tribune, who owns WGN in Chicago and KWGN in Denver). I made a website for the exhibition of certain material. A link to it is on my page.
6 years ago by GarfieldFan2000
You are right Dan... four of my videos have been rejected in the past week!

I think I might quit uploading here.
6 years ago by GarfieldFan2000
Danny J. Palmer
And another video bits the dust..."Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Ad and Polygram Video Logo" has been removed by DM. And don't say, you haven't been warned! I hate it when I'm right because it then affects everyone else!
6 years ago by Danny J. Palmer

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