Pastor D. A. Waite

OUR CHURCH IS UNIQUE AMONG MANY IN OUR COMMUNITY FOR EIGHT REASONS:<br /><br />(1) As distinguished from many other churches, we preach from and defend the King James Bible. We believe it is the only accurate and faithful English Bible because of its superior Hebrew and Greek texts, its superior translators, its superior translation technique, and its superior theology.<br /><br />(2) I believe in expository preaching and teaching. As the pastor-teacher, I take books of the Bible and teach from them verse by verse and Word by Word. Since our church began (October, 1998), we have studied in this manner the books of Romans, 1 Peter, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians and Philemon and 1 Corinthians. This is distinctive among churches.<br /><br />(3) We are not striving to build a mega-church! We do not want to compromise the Bible’s teachings for the sake of numbers. On the contrary, we wish to be faithful to the whole counsel of the Bible, trusting the Lord to bring in the "numbers" He leads our way.<br /><br />(4) Our music does not reflect the modern "Contemporary Christian Music" so popular in many churches today. On the other hand, we sing hymns and gospel songs that exalt the Lord Jesus Christ and the truths of the Bible. Our pianist, Mr. Dick Carroll, is one of the most accomplished musicians in the United States of America. Our church loves to sing the old, God honored "Hymns of the Faith."<br /><br />(5) Unlike other churches, we are meeting presently in our home pictured on the front of this pamphlet. It is a warm atmosphere where Christians who love their Saviour and one another enjoy sweet family fellowship. Some drive from Delaware, Pennsylvania, as well as from north and south Jersey, (taking as long as an hour and fifteen minutes) in order to worship with us.<br /><br />(6) Each Sunday after the service, many of us, like a family, eat together and have a time of informal fellowship and conversation. In this way we get to know one another even better. We consider this to be an important time. It is a blessing!