Life of a skatista Pôsters in the wall, shapes old under of the bed reviewed by the room. Pieces of picotada sandpaper sobraram of the assembly of last shape and are part of a box of tools, old screws of base. Old Rolamentos used and up to one pad played in one I always sing visible. A knife sandpapered in the way of the awaken box curiosity. What a person would think who does not walk of skate of a sandpapered knife, tool to leave the perfectly placed sandpaper in the format of its edges of shape? The marks in the soil also call the attention, after all do not have as not to test shape new, sentiz it in the foot and to beat the tail with force where it will be. Things that are part of the act of being skatista, with its spaces, its attitudes, its daily one exist. The bar of the causes undoing of in such a way scraping in the sandpaper. The sandpapered t-shirt and the pants in the height of the waist because of the attrition with skate. The tennis always expense in the region of the lesser finger, after all ollie is universal, basic, obligator and vital the maneuver. They are icons of all style of life of a skatista. The videotape with the zuado headstock, of in such a way copies attending it of copies of copies of the new videos of skate and to come back in rewind in that impressive maneuver. The t-shirt of the mark of skate preferred that already it lasts years, stonewashed and desgolada, still is the first one before dressing the suit daily. The phone call set appointments the session is waited, because the maneuver of the day already this in the head. After all they say that skate is 40% technician psychological 60%. It can be, it can not be, what it matters is the body and the mind to work together. In the way of the street session to hear some stranger to say that you can also hurt yourself trying the maneuvers it is of custom. E thus goes.