Naomi Cooper-Davis met Rebecca Windsor on a cool Autumn morning in 2002. They were both about to embark on an adventure that would test their courage, strength, and stamina, but mainly their mental health. Yes. They were at Drama School. <br /><br />Now, this may come as a bit of a surprise but it was not love at first sight. Naomi thought Becky was posh and Becky was too busy hiding in cubicle 3 of the ladies toilets to really talk to Naomi. By their second year, however, they became good friends after Becky gave Naomi a card for her 21st birthday, wow, that must mean were friends thought Naomi. <br /><br />After graduating drama school in 2004 they went their separate ways into the world. <br /><br />But! Fate would soon intervene and before they could say coke n cake they were living together in trendy Bethnal Green (way before it was trendy) and started a theatre company. Their first production, The House of Bernarda Alba by Lorca was a great success making a profit and showing them just what they could do. <br /><br />After Bernarda, the duo figured it was time to conquer the world of comedy. It is not conquered as you can tell because you havent heard of them, but they are on their way! <br /><br />They produced their first hour long show based on the murky world of advertising, called BRAINWASHED in August 2008, with a rejigged version, BRAINWASHED: Revisited in December 08. <br /><br />They are now performing sketches from the show on the comedy circuit, as well as writing new material and working on solo projects.