Rokazq BBHcrew

props to dYSE cLOTHING, yOUNG ICC, lIL aL, dIDO BROWN, mICTCHY sLICK, wRONGKIND , pROPS TO SICCNESS.NET AND NEMO, PROPS TO ABY BOY SLICK - Get lowBossMan Hogg Ft Jelly Roll - Anyway I CanTURF TALK !!TWEETY LOC - "Southeast Living"15 GRAND !CLOUDY -OLD TOWN NATIONAL CITY "Olden Boys RAP" RASKOL - MISSION VALLEY - "Round Here"OTAY GANG RAPPER - soon to be announcedYOUNG SYDRO - Do that THING NATIONAL CITY GANG RAPPER - soon to be announcedDREW THE EASTLAKE LEGENdINFINITEBIG SLICK S.A.D. "we the shit"FERNY BOY TREEZ- D - MONEY aka D$CAPS - Southern CALI & I"M USED TO THA BLOCK . <br />DUZETJD -Stylez -MC NEW YORK . "What it Do"YUNG - C "What it Do"HARO SOUTHSIDE LOWKSTAGINO MIRA MESA LEGEND <br />NEMO ICE BOX FAM .. 2 tracks & YOUNG PAPI.FREDDY GEEJIMROCK BBHWANTED LOCSPCLIL AL - crackin in tha club. TOO SICKYOUNG VICIOUS - JAWzYOUNG GEEDIDO BROWN PAINTommie Gun of Heatrok AND 15 GRANP AND PMATT FROM DAP SET IN sPRING VALLEY .. TO sKYLIN PIRU AND BLOOD AND CRIP GANGS.. . hOMIES IN oRange county Santa ana and fullerton AND THE BBH CREW IN sAN dIEGO STREETS FOR THE 2009 PUTTING LATINO'S ON THE Map .. THE STREETS KNOW JIMROCK AND THE VIDEOS WE MAKE JUST PUTTING IT DOWN FOR DAYGO !! .. <br /><br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /><br />if you want to be in one of our videos or you have tracks for our videos and your a local rapper hit us up <br /><br />MUSIC BY <br /> <br />CHINGO BLING <br /><br />Editing and FILMING BY <br /> <br />BBH FILMS .. <br /><br />ADD OUR MYSpace <br /> <br /><br />San Diego Latino FILM MAKers UNION . (SDLFMU) <br />US LATINO FILM MAKERS ASS. (USLFM) <br />& we are APART of Creative Content Team Worldwide. <br />& liveVideo , Youtube Supporters <br />