Lol.Hello Im b@nshee alias geek:) I am a moviemaker and a machinima maker as a DJ I have not big choose has to say on my profile but voucher:) LITTLE information: <br />And fraps 3.0.1 NEW VERSION: <br />Free stuffs: <br /> <br />And restart -,- PUB <br />Area 51: ON ENGLISh:D <br />FAR CRY 1:l: <br /><br />No virus its clubic:D <br /><br />French, its having a french patch, Dont worry:D i don't have teh link:S <br /><br />Ne vous inquietez pas ya un patch français <br />Skype:gmodlolwut WINDOWS LIVE MESSANGER:G-MOD@LIVE.FR I OF WHICH GAUNT FREIND MY ACCOUNT HAS BEEN HACKED-,-:S comment plz <br /><br />My configuration: <br /><br />Screen:LCD LED 132 cm Full HD SHARP LC52LE700E <br /><br />Graphic cart:Nvidia geforce 9800GTX 513mhz Overcloacked:2.3Giga <br /><br />Processor:Intel core i7 920 inside <br />Screen resolution:1920X1200 <br /><br />Running good game: <br /><br />COD5 Maxed out 1920X1200 (120-180) <br /><br />Crysis VERY HIGH DX10 C4BIT 1920X1200 (70-80 FPS) <br /><br />Hl2 source engine etc: 1920X1200 HDR Activated maxed out (72-77) FPS <br /><br />Ut3 MAXED OUT 1920X1200 (62-78) FPS <br /><br />Mirror's edge with physx and syncrho MAXED OUT (78-89) FPS <br /><br />Teh end :HAPPY GAY TIMES: <br /><br />Memory:12Gigabyte, <br /><br />Windows 7 Ultimate 32BITS <br /><br />DirectX11 <br /><br />mon youtube: