Rachel Bangoura

Bangoura Band <br /><br />African dance <br />In a new show <br /><br />Ensemble African Ballet <br /><br />On 28.11.07 in 21.00 <br /><br />Inbal Dance Theatre, suzannedellal center, Tel Aviv <br />03-5173711 <br />A colorful group of percussionists and dancers lead by Saboula, a Djembe Master from West Africa. <br />A spectacle of rhythm along with traditional dancing and ceremonies originating in West Africa <br />The group presented before two African ballets: <br />"Riding the Drum" and "The Magical Drum". <br />Bangoura Group has preformed at "Suzann Dellal" theatre, "Jerrard Behar" theater in Jerusalem and throughout theatres all around Israel. <br />And participated in national dance festivals, such as "Macholohet" festival, Suzann Dallal, and the eminent Carmiel dance festival. <br /><br />Musicians: Saboula and Rachel Bangoura, Asaf Steinberg, Hen Meir, Tomer Segal, Yair Hashachar, <br />Singing: Dana Malki Sigal. <br />Dancers: Rinat Engel,Sharona Arava, Yael Sharoni, Shahaf Bentur. <br /><br />For more ditails:Rachel Bangoura <br />04-6373966, 054-5715489 <br />