Ron Henderson

Ron Henderson, “The Fitness King” began his pursuit of personal fitness training almost three decades ago. Henderson, now 53, made a commitment to health at a young age. He says, “One day I noticed a well-dressed man drive up in a beautiful, gleaming Porsche. When he stepped out, however, he had a body more like a Volkswagen. I realized fitness was something of true value. After all, if you don’t have your health, money doesn’t matter. I had been working out and I realized my body was something great no one could take away from me. No one could repossess my body like cars are repossessed. I could have a body like a Porsche, a Jaguar, you name it. I just had to keep caring about myself and my health.” <br /><br /> Author of, “What is it Worth for You to Become Physically Fit” Henderson was the first fitness professional in the Minneapolis – St. Paul area to work with clients and help them define, develop, and pursue their fitness goals as a personal trainer. He stresses the value of personalized fitness routines to develop solid techniques and maximize potential. <br /><br /> With his positive attitude, Ron has raised industry standards in weight training, cardio fitness, stretching and strengthening routines that respond to experience levels, abilities, and each client’s motivation. Individuals are empowered to excel at their own levels and attain their goals. <br /><br /> The success of his revolutionary approach is credited for Henderson's popularity as a media personality, spokesperson, and corporate trainer. Ron captivates and encourages audiences young and old alike, while educating, motivating, and inspiring them to enjoy more active lifestyles. <br /><br /> Henderson's book is his latest accomplishment, reaching national audiences. He currently hosts "Fitness and Faith," a cable exercise series. He also hosted a talk radio program called "Feeling Fit." Ron's first TV cable series was "Winning Workouts." The Fitness King has established a reputation for being articulate, motivating and entertaining <br /><br /> Henderson, has been featured regularly in newspapers and magazines for over two decades. Ron's commitment is to reach people, young and old, to demonstrate and promote the benefits of daily exercise.His book "What is It Worth for You To Become Physically Fit'" published by River City Press, Inc. can be found Barnes & Noble stores or special ordered at your local book store. You can also order it online at <br /><br />Email address: Ron@fitnessking.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it <br /><br />