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Community policing is an innovative way of controlling crime and social evils by active partnership between the police and the community. Bahawalpur Police as per directions of IGP Punjab has started a comprehensive program of community policing.<br /><br />ONGOING PROGRAMS OF COMMUNITY POLICING.<br /><br /> RESCUE 15. <br />An effective Rescue 15 is operational in Bahawalpur. Rescue 15 is providing following Services to the People of Bahawalpur. “ 24 hours Emergency Helpline.” Computerized Verification of vehicles, “Mobile Phone Blocking/Unblocking (By IMEI System)." “Mobile Crime Scene Unit.” Bomb Disposal Squad”. “Police Armed Reserve.” Fire Brigade." “Elite Emergency Combat Teams.” Child Lost/Found Center. “NADRA (ID Card) Verification System, Criminal’S Sketch preparation for Investigation