babychangingstations sells all major brands of baby changing stations and ships to all 50 states. It was founded by three dads that were tired of finding men's rooms that weren't equipped with baby changing stations. Dad's change diapers too.<br /> is run by which was started because Cameron, Jerry and Matt, hate giving money to companies that don't appreciate it. It hurts our souls. <br />We believe the web is full of stores that don't appreciate their customer, stores that don't provide enough information about their products, stores that make it difficult to purchase, stores that don't respond to customer questions, complaints or problems. <br />We can do better. We can set the standard. We can make buying easier.<br />Our service Guarantee:<br />Orders before 3pm ship out the same day. <br />We will always send a tracking number.<br />A friendly person will answer the phone or get back to you within an hour during business hours.