Welcome to SAMRIOGLU (www.samrioglu.com) <br />HAZELNUTS, DRIED FRUITS & CHESTNUTS EXPORT TO THE WHOLE WORLD <br /><br /> Company founded by Sadettin SAMRIOGLU in 1940, is one of old manufacturer and trader companies that specializes in the Hazelnuts. SAMRIOGLU Family has been manufacturing and exporting Akcakoca quality Natural Hazelnuts for three generation. <br /><br />SAMRIOGLU Co is very active in foreign trade, supply customers all around the world also with Organic Hazelnuts, Dried Fruits and Chestnuts. Those are the other products we are very specialized in. Our innovative approach to business, working with serious manufacturer business partners in their field and presenting unbeatable advantages to Global Buyers has enabled SAMRIOGLU to become highly respected supplier name in Hazelnuts and Dried Fruits sector. We are quality-oriented company, apply the rules of HACCP and ISO 9001:2000 for the best quality products in accordance with the International Food Standards. Not only guaranteed top product quality, we offer you also multi-level reliability, friendly business relations, accurate service and timely delivery. <br /><br />Key Export Products: <br /><br />Natural Hazelnuts <br />Organic Hazelnuts <br />Roasted & Blanched Hazelnuts <br />Sultanas <br />Dried Apricots <br />Dried Figs <br />Fresh Chestnuts <br />Frozen Peeled Chestnuts <br />Sweet Apricot Kernels <br />Pine Nuts <br />Chickpeas <br />Poppy Seeds <br />Other Nuts (Industrial, Conventional and Organic)