Aygul Erce

Aygul Erce is a London based singer-song writer of Kurdish and Turkish origin. Aygul is known for her very unique eclectic style and blend of Jazz, Blues and Traditional folk melodies, fused with her ore inspiring Operatic vocals. <br /><br />Aygul's classical and fusion repertoire spans across 20 years of performance, participating in a variety of festivals and concerts throughout Europe and Eurasia. Aygul has performed a number of solo and chorus shows at the prestigious Izmir Opera House as well as the grand Ephesus Amphitheatre in Izmir-Turkey; notably known as the largest open air theatre in the ancient world! <br /><br />As a graduate from the prestigious 9 Eylül University, Izmir-Turkey in 1994, Aygul holds a degree in Opera Singing. <br /><br />Since relocating to London, she embarked on further study of Jazz an Popular Music at Goldsmiths University, and was awarded a Certificate in Teaching Singing (Vocal Pedagogy) from the Royal School of Music.