Awakening Records is the record label for artists, musicians and singers Maher Zain, Mesut Kurtis, Hamza Namira, Raef and Harris J. We started Awakening in the year 2000 as an Islamic publishing house in the UK, and in 2008 we went into music field when Awakening Records produced Al-Mu'allim album 2003 and first music video by Sami Yusuf Al-Mu'allim in September 2004. We went on to produce more songs, albums and music videos that millions around the world enjoy to this day.<br /><br />Awakening was founded by four young British and American Muslim entrepreneurs. Awakening Worldwide is a media production company with offices around the world, focusing on music production, live events, and book publishing. Awakening is headquartered in London with operational offices in both Egypt and the USA.<br /><br />Buy our albums & publications from Awakening Store (Worldwide shipping available):<br /><br /><br />For inquiries and booking requests, please email us:<br />