i have given up on daily motion because everytime my connection drops out the uploads fail this is really annoying even more so if videos have been uploading for hours and hours and the connection drops out and i have to start all over again dont worry i havent given up uploading comepletely i have gone over to youtube on youtube if the connection drops out then when it comes back the upload continues from the point where it stopped unlike daily motion where i would have to do it from scratch again i have uploaded episodes 1 to 785 of home and away and i am now reuploading a country practice so far episodes 1 to 415 have been uploaded with more added each day i plan to upload the entire series of a country practice once i have done that then i will re upload the sullivans to youtube youtube is also more popular than daily motion and my videos get more views


Jackie Wilson
do you have a youtube account now if so what is it i would like to make a playlist on youtube let know do they have a device were i can watch dailymotion on my tv thanks
December by Jackie Wilson
Thomas Bubb
hi will you be uploading mor sons and daughters i have seen as far as go on here around ep 212.Thanks
October by Thomas Bubb
So grateful to you for all of the videos you've posted. I know that you are always in the process of uploading more, but wondered whether in future you might have other Sullivan episodes past 198 - or might know a source where a fan in the States might obtain. Thanks so much!
September by Galsworthy1
Hi Austvclassics. So sad that your account has been terminated on youtube. I have been watching A Country Practice, I was up to Episode 940. Things were starting to hot up between Sergeant Tom Newman and Vet Anna Lacey. They were my faves as a teenager. Tom was my rolemodel....I so wanted to be like him that I even did work experience with the Police Force! It was great to find their episodes
August by Grundfords

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