Bal'us'trad presents the theatrical concert<br />" ATTENTAT FANFARE " :<br /><br />★<br /><br />Explosive Fanfare with 4X4 Musicians!<br /><br />The aerodynamic and charming Super Heros of the Attentat Fanfare arrive in Flying Saucers and transform the stage into a wrestling ring! With their cheeky mix of music and mirth and their love of spontaneity they interact with their enraptured audiences, young and old.<br /><br />Traditional music and original compositions that promise to get everyone dancing, with demonic balkan rhythms, twisting tarentellas, taliban funk, circus pop, funky folk, waltz, samba, klemer and much more...<br /><br />THE WONDERFULL AND CRAZY GROUPE «ATTENTAT FANFARE» IS FOR YOU !<br />★More info ><br />★