ASHOKA RITUAL :: GLOBAL ARTIST NETWORKING <br />Ashoka Ritual offers artists and projects the possibility of global communication approaches. Share your interests and your hobbies with future friends in foreign countries and discover new regions and cultures at the same time! Ashoka Ritual was established to stimulate art exchanges, to get over boarder and to make people come together. <br /><br />SOCIAL DEVELOPMENTS <br />The social and economic situation deteriorated over the past years drastically. The founders of the social market economy did even know back in 1960, that this system is not sustainable. In the long run it is not suitable to balance the presently overheating societies. In reference of politics one can see, that they always act on limitation of damage instead on the level of further possibilities. As an ingredient of a gigantic wobble pudding one seems to have to react on signals. The human being as a marionette is at the powergame´s and decision´s mercy. <br /><br />KING ASHOKA <br />Ashoka was an Indian king, who - as the first one of his guild, passed over from exploiting his nation and warfare into more charity, devotion and solidarity by Buddhism over 2000 years ago. After a war he realised what kind of carnage he actually had perpetrated. The name Ashoka Ritual raises interest and curiosity - the attention is focused on Ashoka´s change of mind during his time as Indian King. Ashokas insights and his change of mind can also be projected as desirable states onto today´s modern time. <br /><br />ASHOKA RITUAL :: GLOBAL ARTIST NETWORKING <br />Ashoka Ritual offers artists scope for developments, supports an individual evolvement of their creative potentials and refers to a free expansion of any kind of artistic personality and cultural affection. <br /><br />Website: