IDEAL RANDOM PRODUCTIONS <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /><br />Hello my name is Ashley Spedding and I am the <br />friendly face of IDEAL RANDOM PRODUCTIONS.I've been in business since july 2006 but only on myspace since december 2006.I am a experimental film maker working on all different kinds of emoctional content, I don't see myself in any set genre of film making,I just want to put my random imagnation on film and share with the world my vision.A film to me is like a escape to places we wish we could be or feel emoctions we know so dear,learn why we do what we do,experiance cultures,live a dream through the eyes of another and most important make us think and question are world we live in for whatever reason good or bad,film is there to be lived.I suppose I started my passion from a early age without knowly taking onboard that it was a career I have always been a fan of film of all kinds but of course old school action flicks specially late 70s to late 80s.But always loved a good comdey that takes risks. Mainly good indie movies that teach me about something I would normally take for granted.I am making films but like most film makers like me I work full time too so I manage with every spare moment to edit or obtain footage for another project.And of course all the support from family and girlfriend of course friends and yes the odd doubter that helps too.But most important it's your comments and reactions to my films is what I want to know tell me what you think and enjoy take care ,remember this life is what is ''so grab it by the balls and hold on''. <br /><br />