Steve Fowler

Steve Fowler lives in the UK, and he is the proprietor of ASA Vantage Romantic Adventures which is based in the UK, and Kiev (Ukraine). Aside from producing videos of many attractive ladies, and some not as good looking as one might expect, he will be producing videos of locations around the Ukraine and Russia, showing male and female clients having a great time in many different cultural locations, urban areas and restaurants. <br /><br />Primarily, Steve helps men meet ladies guaranteed, for the purpose of finding a suitable partner for life. There are many misconceptions associated with international dating, and there are many reasons to take great care when embarking on such adventures. Steve has developed Romantic Adventures in such a way that many of the problems associated with foreign dating are eliminated. A great deal of guidance is provided on his website. Steve is also available to anser any questions you may have. We hope you enjoy the videos we add to the Daily Motion website, and feel free to share them, especially if you desire to help a single man find love, if they are in a positon to do so. Steve believes there are 3 constituents required to achieve happiness. The first two are the basic life requirements of 1) finding work, and 2) keeping healthy. Once you have this, then it is time to find the third constituent, which is someone to share your life with, and that part is the most fun. There is no rush, no commitment, except a commitment to find happiness. <br /><br />You can contact Steve on +44 (0) 7980 545155 UK Mobile.