michaelm artist / philosopher <br /><br />I'm so very proud to be the first person on the planet to present schematics for the world's first feasible warp drive engine. The (EMG) Time/Space Warp Drive is now available for your inspection. <br /><br />WarpDriveTheory.org is an open source project. Soon, anyone, anywhere will be able to discuss and participate in the design of an actual warp drive engine. With the ultimate goal of development, production and implementation of a working prototype. All constructive questions and comments are welcome. <br /><br />The Warp Drive Theory <br />www.warpdriveTheory.org <br /><br />The (EMG) Warp Drive schematics, descriptions and Time/Space ship floor plans <br />www.warpdriveTheory.org/photonwd/photonwarpdrive.html <br /><br />The Theory "When Photons Collide" <br />www.michaelmTheory.com <br /><br />The 3-D Stereo / Subliminal Portrait Art.. the genesis <br />www.hyperVue.com <br /><br />Set the direction for the collective mind and we can reach the stars. <br /><br />Blessings & Thanks, <br />www.michaelm.com <br /><br />From promotional art to fine art... and beyond <br /><br />It seems such a simple and natural step from art to philosophy. They are inextricably entwined. The act of artistic expression has opened the door of the shaman's visions. I return with (3-D) Stereo Subliminal Studies in portraiture, Viewer Free.