Julien Claustre

Julien Claustre, with his intuitive way to materialize space, to retranscrive art siences as a path towards harmony articules the time of a moving era by exploring the 21st century with a sencitive, controlled and expressive palette. <br /><br />Contemporary art author, witness of the present time, stopped by Émile Cohl, Julien Claustre delivers his poetic, subtile and lyrical motives. <br /><br />He takes over oil painting, pigments and endow with his painting from representation to expression, an organic echo of the material, changing places and shapes, luminous and vibrating colors. <br /><br />Where symbol rubs shoulders with feeling intensity, Julien Claustre emotion painted work, gets its real dimention in Paris, by emphasizing intimate to universal , in a perpetual renewal of artistic and cultural creation. <br /><br />Traveling to differents continents contribute to form his eye on the world which surrounds him for his own contemporary interpretation.