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Videos archived from 03 April 2012 Morning

How can you count carbohydrates?
Should you skip meals if you are diabetic?
What about sugar free foods if I'm diabetic?
Why is portion size important when living with diabetes?
How do you eat out and stay healthy as a diabetic?
What about insulin for diabetes?
How do you inject insulin?
Low Back and Hip Mobility Exercises
How is diabetes treated?
How do you treat low blood sugar?
What is an insulin pump?
Hip and Hamstring Exercises for Back Pain Relief
Should I test my blood sugar before or after I exercise if I have diabetes?
What are some of the complications associated with diabetes?
What is diabetes?
How often and how long should you exercise if you have diabetes?
What are some signs and symptoms of diabetes?
What is low blood sugar?
Core Conditioning and Mobility Exercises for Back Pain
How is diabetes diagnosed?
What about blood pressure when you have diabetes?
What risk factors are there for diabetes?
How can you protect your kidneys if you have diabetes?
How can you protect your eyes if you have diabetes?
Upper Body Stretches for Back Pain
What about cholesterol when you have diabetes?
Why is it important not to smoke if you have diabetes?
Core Exercises for Back Pain Relief
How do the pills for diabetes work?
What types of diabetes are there?
How can I protect my children and grandchildren from smoking?
Why is going to the dentist important if you have diabetes?
How do I change my identity as a smoker?
Can I continue to drink coffee or alcohol?
Is it dangerous to smoke around children?
What are some of the precautions to take with exercise if diabetic?
What are the smoking risks for pregnant women and their unborn babies?
Standing Low Back Exercises
How can you protect your feet if you have diabetes?
Why is it so hard to quit smoking?
Will I still be addicted to nicotine after I quit smoking?
How many people smoke?
If I cannot quit smoking, will it help to cut down?
What if my family and friends smoke?
How many people quit smoking each year?
How can more people be convinced to quit smoking?
What if I relapse and start smoking again?
How much money will I save if I quit smoking?
Can pregnant women take anti-smoking medication?
Does your body get healthier after you quit smoking?
What if I just want to cut down on smoking, or be a social smoker?
What are some strategies for reducing stress?
What type of tobacco is the safest to smoke?
What are the costs of these medications to quit smoking?
Where can I turn to for support when quitting smoking?
What are non-cigarette products and are they addictive?
Why do people enjoy smoking?
How do you quit smoking?
How can I improve my relaxation skills?
Why do so many people relapse even with medication to quit smoking?
How will being able to relax help me?
PayLaşma RekoRu KıRan ParÇa
What are the dangers of carbon monoxide and tar?
What is a cold caused by?
What is the relaxation response?
What is the cold?
What should I do at the first sign of a cold?
Why isn't there a cold vaccine like there is for the flu?
How can I control my portion sizes when I'm out to eat?
What if I gain weight after I quit smoking?
Why are cigarettes available if they contain harmful ingredients?
How do I get my mind to relax?
Why should people quit smoking?
Can I get an antibiotic for a cold?
How can I control my cravings for simple carbs?
How do I know if I’m over stressed?
How do you catch a cold?
How effective are natural remedies like vitamins?
How many different kinds of cold are there?
What is the difference between child colds and adult colds?
What makes tobacco and smoking so harmful?
How do I know if I've eaten enough?
What are the most common hunger signals?
When should you call a doctor?
Are there medicines I can take for the cold?
How dangerous are colds?
How do I get my body to relax?
How much sleep does an average American get?
How much exercise do I need to be healthy?
Is there a relationship between sleep depravation and poor health?
Can a cold evolve into the flu?
Can you get a cold and the flu simultaneously?
What are the best strategies for getting more sleep?
Are colds more dangerous to certain people than others?
Can I catch a cold in an environment with circulated air?
Can I catch a cold from being cold and wet?
Is there a time of the year that I'm more likely to catch a cold?
What are some tips for chewing my food well?
Are there ways I can prevent a cold?