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Videos archived from 01 February 2012 Noon

SWPL's Lander on the Self-Absorption of White Monoculture
Sky's the Limit: The Vertical Gardens of Patrick Blanc
Stuff White People Like: Fixies, Yoga Pants and Raw Milk
The Story of Hip-Hop: Money, Women and Desegregation
The WikiLeaks Case: America's Internet Freedom Hypocrisy
Tune in for Charlie Sheen, Stay for the War Coverage
V-Day Congo: Ensler Builds 'City of Joy' for Rape Victims
WWJD? The Religious Argument for Community Involvement
Why Romney Will Not Be President (Despite His Good Looks)
American Gamester: Launch of Jay-Z's 'Decoded' Gamified
Comcast-NBC Merger: FCC OKs New Era of Media Monopoly?
Cornel West on Philosophy and the Funk of Disappointment
Donald Rumsfeld on Meeting Elvis Presley, Sammy Davis Jr.
Fear the Beard: SF Giants Stole Bases ... and Hearts
Gladwell and Kopp: Did Katrina Help New Orleans Schools?
How Clifford Ross Animated 'Harmonium Mountain'
Milani Fears Nuclear Iran Would Spur Mideast Arms Race
Morozov: Twitter Was Not Magic Key to Egypt's Revolution
Nature in the City: Open Spaces and Guerilla Urbanism
Nissan's Leaf Gets Gamified: Winner Saves the Environment
Oliver Burkeman: How to Lead a Slightly Happier Life
SF Giants' Sabean: Baseball No Longer National Pastime
Stanley Kurtz: Tracing the Thread of Obama's 'Socialism'
Swiss Design: Built to Last
The End of Feminism: Pole Dancing for Empowerment
The Future of Social Gaming Looks a Lot Like the Past
Virus Delays Iran's Nuclear Capability Until 2015
ASUS O!Play Network Media Player Unboxing Linus Tech Tips
Abbas Milani: Ahmadinejad Lives in a 'Parallel Universe'
American Values: GOP's Strategy to Win Back White House
Commerce and Virtue: Is Money the Root of All Good?
Cordelia Fine: Discovering Sexism in Neuroscience
David Brooks Blasts Media Coverage of Tucson Shooting
David Brooks: What Comes After the Tea Party?
Did Liberals Enable Ground Zero Mosque Opposition?
Is ADHD the Tonsillectomy of the 21st Century?
Is Environmental Regulation Damaging the Planet?
Jane McGonigal: Gamers Have Spent 5.93M Years Playing WoW
Karen Armstrong: Love Thy Enemy
Ken Robinson: Public Education a Relic of Industrial Age
Lang Lang Foundation Brings Music Back to Public Schools
Nicole Lazzaro: Real World Gamification Can Kill
Peter Sellars: Cultural Depletion in US Similar to China
San Francisco's Prohibition Era 'Hipsters'
Sesame Street's Early Years: Adults Only Please!
The End of 'No Drama Obama'? David Brooks on Obama 2.0
Tim Ferriss Links Cell Phones to Male Infertility
Tim Ferriss: The 15-Minute Female Orgasm
Tim Ferriss: Why You Should Take a Mini-Retirement Today
UNICEF Work Inspires Lang Lang to Start Foundation
Assange Denies Knowledge of Bradley Manning's Involvement
Assange Mocks Pentagon Demand to 'Return' WikiLeaks Docs
Assange: WikiLeaks Not Concerned with US Nat'l Security
Can Spiking Birth Rates Promote Religious Fundamentalism?
Celebrity Tabloids and the Evolution of Gossip
Forget Press Releases: Getting News from the Source
Gay Iranian-American Artist Challenges Cultural Barriers
Gladwell Attributes High Line Park to NYC 'Backwardness'
Julian Assange: Why WikiLeaks Is Taking on the Pentagon
Linear Forecasting Lags Behind Exponential Growth of Tech
Militant Breeding and the Staging of a Religious Uprising
Moira Gunn Asks: Does Sci-Fi Influence the Future?
Regina Spektor Sings 'On the Radio'
Religion from an Evolutionary Perspective
Richard Wolffe: MSNBC vs Fox News
Richard Wolffe: Obama, Palin and the Great Tax Debate
Sam Harris: Islam Is Not the Religion of Peace
Star Wars: Was Darth Vader Inspired by Lucas' Own Father?
The 13,000-Year-Old Underground Forest of South Africa
The End of Aging: Aubrey de Grey's Key to Longevity
Tough Love: Tensions Inside the Obama White House
Wajahat Ali: In Hollywood, 'Green' Still Means White
Why Was Darwin's 'The Origin of Species' So Compelling?
WikiLeaks Cable Dump and the Function of Secrecy
WikiLeaks' Assange Says Military Skewing War Casualties
A Life Long Process: The Education of Lupe Fiasco
Andrew Sullivan Remembers the Good Ol' Days of Journalism
Author Sam Harris on the Pitfalls of Moral Illusion
Ayaan Hirsi Ali on Converting Muslims to Christianity
Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Banning the Burqa Misses the Point
Caroline Bos: Making Private Space Public
Design Tradition: Bridging the Past to the Future
Do Humans Owe Our Big Brains to Seafood?
Dutch Design Tip: Focus on the Story Behind the Product
In Search of Enlightenment? Deepak Chopra Says 'Just Be'
Jane McGonigal: Does 10,000 Hours of Gaming Affect Kids?
Kiva Makes Microfinancing Fun with Lending Teams
Math: The Poetry of Logical Ideas
Nick Cannon: Building Self-Esteem in Young Black Youths
Reza Aslan: Hollywood's Take on Persians Evolving
Sam Harris: The Moral Failings of Religion
The High Line: Gladwell on Re-Imagining the NYC Cityscape
The Logo Machine: Lesley Moore Design's DIY Branding
The Oldest Living Organism? 500,000-Year-Old Bacteria
Tina Brown, Jeff Jarvis and Andrew Sullivan Talk Privacy
Was Lucy Male? Comparing the Gender of Human-Like Fossils
Andrew Cohen: Sex and the Hapless Quest for Spirituality
Atlas Never Shrugged: An Infinite Game of Global Unity
Bigger Isn't Better: Why 'Premium' Is the New 'Luxury'
Breaking Up Is Hard to Do, Yet Simple to See on Facebook