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Videos archived from 01 February 2012 Noon

Jay-Z Unravels the Meaning of '99 Problems'
Jay-Z on the Future of the Recording Industry
Keith Richards on Love/Hate Relationship with Mick Jagger
Lost In Translation: The Onion Abroad
NASA Director Predicts Mars Settlement by 2060
Political Structures 'Fibrillate' in the Face of the Web
Presidential Politics: A Laughing Matter?
Reality Is Broken: How Gaming Can Help Change the World
Robinson's Attack on the Environmental 'Ponzi Scheme'
SETI's Jill Tarter: Getting Kids Excited About Science
Steven Johnson: The Force Behind Innovation and Evolution
The Longplayer: Music That Will Play for a Thousand Years
Violet Blue: Has Mass Media Changed Sexual Fantasy?
Want to Get on TechCrunch? Don't Send a Press Release
Why Do We Wait for a Crisis to Change Our Behavior?
Why Libya Shut Down 'Sex-Positive' URL Shortener
Ashoka's Bill Drayton: One Woman's Solution to Bullying
Benjamin Franklin's Kite-Flying Experiment Never Happened
Can Science Fiction Motivate Us to Save the Environment?
Condoleezza Rice: Tea Party Not a Racist Movement
Daniel Ellsberg: What if Hitler Had Dropped the Bomb?
How Al Sharpton's Brush with Death Taught Him Forgiveness
How Ron Carter Played It Cool with Miles Davis
James Cameron: New Technology for Avatar Sequels
Jonathan Safran Foer Advocates for Food Marketing Reform
Kathryn Schulz: Mistakes Are the Engine of Innovation
Mexico Drug Violence Becoming a Global Concern, Says Rice
Pentagon Papers' Ellsberg on WikiLeaks Whistleblowers
Smoke and Mirrors: DuPont's War Against Hemp
Steven Johnson and Kevin Kelly on Artificial Intelligence
Three Levels of Pull: Access, Attraction, Full Potential
What Makes for a Winning New Yorker Cartoon Caption?
Willy Wonka vs. Wikipedia: Apple's Model of Innovation
You Shouldn't Be Here: Why Your Existence Is a Miracle
Annie Proulx: Choice Words on Film Adaptations of Books
Are Conservatives More Tolerant than Liberals?
Calvin Trillin: The New Yorker's History with Obscenity
Claire Belinksi: Sarah Palin or Margaret Thatcher?
Could a Neanderthal Woman Beat a Champion Arm Wrestler?
Cynthia Nixon: Gays Don't Want to Redefine Marriage
Daily Kos Founder Pushes to Scrap Senate Filibusters
Designers Weigh In: Michelle Obama, or Carla Bruni?
Does Democracy Need the News?
Edwidge Danticat Engages the Human Side of History
Gladwell on Income Inequality: We're Off the Rails
Has the Press Release Killed Traditional Journalism?
James Surowiecki: The Luck of Having 'A Good Face'
Jonah Lehrer: The Surprising Benefits of Daydreaming
Jonathan Safran Foer: Will Meat Go the Way of Cigarettes?
Joyce Carol Oates on Writing about Sex and Violence
Ken Auletta: Embrace the Internet's Velocity of Change
Krugman: Flawed Healthcare Is OK, Flawed Stimulus Is Not
Michael Chabon and Zadie Smith: Fact or Fiction?
P.J. O'Rourke's Killer Stimulus Plan: Shoot Store Clerks
P.J. O'Rourke: Who's Leading the Tea Party?
SNL's Seth Meyers: 'Weekend Update' vs. 'The Daily Show'
The First Movie to Scare Stephen King? Disney's 'Bambi'
Travels in Siberia: Ian Frazier's Mosquito 'Agony'
Arne Duncan on Youth Violence: 'We Don't Live in Iraq'
Bill Gates: The End of Textbooks as We Know Them
Dealing with the Remains of Palestinian Suicide Bombers
Does the Term 'American Taliban' Go Too Far?
Duncan to Stump for Dems, But Says Education Not Partisan
Gergen: The Path to a Social Entrepreneur Ecosystem
How Populism Nearly Defeated the U.S. Constitution
Jake Lynch: Mainstream vs. Alternative News
Lorrie Moore: Why Reading Is Vital
Megan Stack: The War on Terror 'Never Really Existed'
Niall Ferguson: Will Debt Trigger the Collapse of the US?
Sexism and the Civil Rights Movement: A Look Back
Sh*t My Dad Says: From Twitter Feed to William Shatner
The First Step in Reconciliation: Address Your Own Pain
Top Chef Rick Bayless Recalls First Quickfire Challenge
Why Context Matters: The Dangers of Sound-Bite Journalism
Why Wasn't a Bill of Rights Part of the Constitution?
Would the Founding Fathers Have Supported Gay Marriage?
49ers CEO: New Stadium Will Boost NFL Game Day Experience
A Scale that Tweets Your Weight? Meet the Quantified Self
Bill Gates: End-of-Life Care vs. Saving Teachers' Jobs
Chef Bayless: The Obamas as Role Models of Healthy Eating
Does Social Activism Take the Fun Out of Video Games?
Explorer David de Rothschild Compares Plastic to Diamonds
John Gray: Everyone Over 40 Has Cancer
Karen Armstrong Weighs In on 'Ground Zero Mosque' Debate
Mary Roach on Space Hygiene and the Official Nose of NASA
Mary Roach on the Art of Peeing in Outer Space
Mary Roach: NASA Research on Zero Gravity Sex?
Matt Maiocco on Michael Crabtree, Twitter...and MC Hammer
Reverse Graffiti: Public Service or Public Nuisance?
Sex Trafficking Industry Behind 'Pop Culture of Porn'
The Ideal Happy to Sad Ratio? 3:1, Says Dr. Happy
+10 Points for Eating Cereal? Schell on the Gamepocalypse
City of Z: David Grann's Moment of Madness in the Amazon
Darwin's Stance on Christianity? A Damnable Doctrine
Dr. Happy: Free Yourself from the 'Tyranny of When'
Equality & Exceptionalism: Does Obama Understand America?
Jesse Schell: The Booming Business of 'Advergaming'
Richard Dreyfuss: Technology Has 'Killed Time'
Skoll Foundation CEO: Measure Scale of Impact, Not Budget
Steve McCurry Recalls Photographing 'Afghan Girl'