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Archived > 2012 February > 01 Noon > 105

Videos archived from 01 February 2012 Noon

You and Me - Episode 9 - naked king
End-of-Life Care: Weighing Ethics and Rationing Resources
You and Me - Episode 6 - Glasses and Et Cetera
You and Me - Episode 7 - Next to an Apple
You and Me - Episode 8 - Daily Wage Hero/Senpai and Me
Get Real: Americans' Irrational Approach to Mortality
Wired for Bad Behavior? Don't Blame It on Your Genes
You and Me - Episode 11 - Crescent Moon Silhouette
You and Me - Episode 3 - "The Straw-colored Boy"
You and Me - Episode 5 - One Summer
Can Happiness Cure Cancer? Not Likely Says Ehrenreich
Dr. Jill Tarter: How SETI Looks and Listens for ET
Dr. Jill Tarter: What Happens After SETI Discovers ET?
Helen Fisher: Why Do Fools Fall in Love?
In Search of ET: Should We Broadcast?
The Human-Chimp Split: A Closer Look at the Fossil Record
You and Me - Episode 1 - On our 17th Spring
You and Me - Episode 2 - The Day the Tulips Bloomed"
You and Me - Episode 4 - Noisy Medicine
Hunter x Hunter - Episode 17 - Trap X In The X Hole
Jonah Lehrer: The Neurological Roots of Gambling
Mr. Mind: Blurring the Line Between Human and Computer
The Role of 'Evil Psychology' in Criminal Interrogations
The Secret to Investing? Outwit Your Brain
To Catch a Thief: The Psychology of a Criminal
Asperger Syndrome: Dealing with the Diagnosis
Hunter x Hunter - Episode 13 - Letter X From X Gon
Hunter x Hunter - Episode 14 - Hit x The x Target
Star Driver - Episode 23 - Emperor
Susan Greenfield: How Do We Define Our Identities Online?
Susan Greenfield: This Is Your Brain on Cognition
Does Saturn's Moon Resemble Ancient Earth?
Hunter x Hunter - Episode 15 - Explosion X Of x Deception
Hunter x Hunter - Episode 16 - Defeat X And X Disgrace
Seeing Is Believing: How the Brain Interprets Vision
Shirky Offers Advice to Create Succesful Social Software
1992.02.09: Valencia CF 1 - 1 Albacete Balompie (Resumen)
Cracking the Code: Disease Research and the Human Genome
Hunter x Hunter - Episode 11 - Trouble X With The X Gamble!
Hunter x Hunter - Episode 12 - Last X Test Of X Resolve
Hunter x Hunter - Episode 8 - Decision X By X Majority?
Lactose Intolerance and the Evolution of Human Digestion
Personalized Medicine: The Future of Genomic Sequencing
Positive Selection: Is the Human Genome Evolving?
Better Targeting: Voter Databases Can Win an Election
Daschle Blasts Media for Sensational Healthcare Coverage
Does Racism Drive Drug Prohibition?
Galactic Neighbor Spews Out Gas in Brilliant Explosions
Hunter x Hunter - Episode 10 - Trick X To The X Trick
Hunter x Hunter - Episode 6 - A x Surprising x Challenge!
Hunter x Hunter - Episode 7 - Showdown x On The x Airship
Hunter x Hunter - Episode 9 - Beware X Of X Prisoners
Public Option Necessary if Insurers Tightly Regulated?
T.R. Reid: Universal Healthcare Will Begin at State Level
The Moral Responsibility of Nonprofit Healthcare
Tom Daschle: Treating an Illegal Immigrant with H1N1
How Early Bonding Years Affect Brain Development
Hunter x Hunter - Episode 2 - Test x Of x Tests
Hunter x Hunter - Episode 4 - Hope x And x Ambition
Proof You Went Psychotic Last Night
Hunter x Hunter - Episode 1 - Departure x And x Friends
Hunter x Hunter - Episode 3 - Rivals x In x Survival
Is Poor Sleep a Factor in Alzheimer's and Dementia?
Antonio Damasio: How Emotions Help Us Make Decisions
Billy Tauzin: Healthcare Reform for the American People
Chihayafuru - Episode 15 - As Though Pearls Have Been Strung Across the Autumn Plain
Chihayafuru - Episode 16 - The Autumn Leaves of Mount Ogura
Emotions and Evolution: What Would Genes Do?
Former NASA Admin Recalls Mars Pathfinder Mission
Robot Soccer and the Future of Autonomous Behavior
Scientists Debunk 'Genetic Matchmaking'
The Difference Between Feeling and Emotion
The Power of Suggestion: How to Implant False Memories
Using Designer Babies to Save Siblings
What Are the Blue Dogs Really Afraid Of?
Brainwashing: The Key to Weight Loss?
Can Eastern Philosophy Improve Western Medicine?
Chihayafuru - Episode 12 - Sets These Forbidden Fields Aglow
Chihayafuru - Episode 17 - World Offers No Escape
Healthcare Reform: Emanuel Says High-Touch Not High-Tech
Session Live Amalgame Musical - The Atomic Sheep
Will 'Citizen Science' Revolutionize Medicine?
Will Wikipedia Replace Scientific Journals?
Authorizing Torture: The Gestapo and Abu Ghraib
Chihayafuru - Episode 10 - Exchange Hellos And Goodbyes
Chihayafuru - Episode 11 - The Sky is the Road Home
Chihayafuru - Episode 13 - For You, I Head Out
Chihayafuru - Episode 14 - For There Is No One Else out Here
Jimmy Wales: Should Wikipedia Editors Be Paid?
Jimmy Wales: Wikipedia and Mutually Assured Destruction
Yochai Benkler: Taking the Wiki Model Offline
Can Control Affect How Long You Live?
Chihayafuru - Episode 7 - But for Autumn's Coming
Chihayafuru - Episode 9 - But I Cannot Hide
Future Spacecraft and the Hunt for Habitable Planets
How Expectations Bias Your Wine Selection
Razer Naga MMO Gaming Mouse Unboxing Linus Tech Tips
SETI@home Chief Scientist on Sending Porn Into Space
SETI@home: Discover ET Using Your Personal Computer
23andMe Cofounder on Medical Benefits of Genetic Testing