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Videos archived from 08 September 2011 Evening

kahani chaderkanta ki-8sept2011-pt1
activating the talisman
releasing the souls
9 follows 6's instructions
the creation of 9
the scientist's message
the source
Dispositiu d'inici de curs a Palma
brilliant scheme
fighting the machines
rescuing 7
6 figures it out
igniting the machines
the machine is alive
Primer ple del Consell del curs polític
all alone
meeting 2
waking up
9 fights for 2
getting a voice
the dolls' society
the sanctuary
the machine
2 convinces 5 to join him
Josselin Grange
crossing the wilderness
fighting the machine
finding 2
1's story
2 dies
escaping the fabrication machine
a reunion with 7
escaping the fabrication machine Part 2
escaping the machine HQ
the story of the machine
Preeto - 8th September 2011-pt1
1 learns what happened
making new machines
the bird machine attacks
what is the talisman?
kahani chaderkanta ki-8sept2011-pt2
the library
a way down
leaving the sanctuary
Preeto - 8th September 2011-pt2
carrying news
temporary refuge
7 fights the bird machine
what 1 did Part 2
what 1 did
the seamstress captures 8
7 is captured by the seamstress
Boucles locales à vélo
the hypnotizing eyes
why he did it
Pyaar Kii Yeh Ek Kahaani - 8th September 2011 -pt1
why he did it Part 2
Lexmark 10S0150 (E210)
eric apologizes to juliana
the arrest
walking away
"BioMérieux en bonne santé malgré le contexte économique"
eric is quitting
aldrich ames
end titles Part 3
end titles
Pyaar Kii Yeh Ek Kahaani - 8th September 2011 -pt2
questioning eric
Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli - 8th September 2011 Pt3
driving at night
end titles Part 2
under the bridge
the drop
a mistake in scheduling
eric rebels against hanssen Part 2
eric rebels against hanssen
eric saves the day
aborting the swipe
gaining hanssen's trust
hanssen goes through with the drop
stuck in a traffic jam
Italianos protestan contra medidas de austeridad
rebuke from kate
videos to germany
advice from kate
juliana asks for trust
juliana sees the video
hanssen is suspicious
Trot enlevé de Rose
a question of trust
going to ground
breaking down Part 2