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the flaming tornado
dupree encourages carl
becoming the lead designer Part 2
dupree encourages carl Part 2
finding kira
the wedding
finding kira Part 2
getting a ride
painting kira
sonny at danny's house Part 2
sonny at danny's house
the rock 'n' roll band
simpson yells at sonny
the rock 'n' roll band Part 2
looking at the place
the calasic band Part 2
the calasic band
looking at the place Part 2
a place for danny
becoming partners
danny remembers kira
danny remembers kira Part 2
danny and kira dance
skating together Part 2
skating together
comming to see sonny Part 2
comming to see sonny
chasing kira
danny and kira dance Part 2
sonny meets danny
coming back to work
coming back to work Part 2
looking for the girl
the girls come alive Part 2
the girls come alive
the girls come alive Part 3
sonny tears his picture Part 2
sonny tears his picture
telling danny what happened
danny meets kira
opening credits
getting danny clothes
sonny quits
working on the place
getting to know kira
TG 16.09.10 Mobilità, "La Puglia che partecipa - Idee in movimento"
getting danny clothes Part 2
sonny and kira as cartoons Part 2
sonny and kira as cartoons
End of Nations RTS Goes Massive Trailer
preparing for the opening
kira changes costumes Part 2
kira changes costumes
kira is a muse Part 2
kira is a muse
kira sings at xanadu Part 2
kira sings at xanadu
the xanadu opening Part 2
the xanadu opening
danny encourages sonny
kira sings
sonny talks to zeus Part 2
sonny talks to zeus
kira leaves
finding the mural Part 2
finding the mural
kira sings Part 2
Max the reindeer
Santa Grinch in the sleigh
The Grinch steals Christmas Part 2
The Grinch steals Christmas
An evil plot Part 2
An evil plot
evil preparations Part 2
evil preparations
Nasty gift/Proposal
Award ceremony aftermath
Havoc at the award ceremony
Nasty gift/Proposal Part 2
Christmas came all the same
Havoc at the award ceremony Part 2
Tiny car ride
Christmas came all the same Part 2
Sleigh ride
The Grinch saves the presents Part 2
The Grinch saves the presents
The Grinch's heart grows Part 2
Christmas is returned/Outro Part 2
Christmas is returned/Outro
Martha and the Grinch
Sleigh ride Part 2
The Grinch is interrupted
The Grinch's heart grows
Crying Whos, gloating Grinch
The Grinch is interrupted Part 2
Crying Whos, gloating Grinch Part 2
Father understands Cindy
"You're an idiot!"