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Lew Rescues Rosa Part 2
Lew Rescues Rosa Part 3
Dam Breaking
Second Earthquake (Aftershock) Part 2
Dam Breaking Part 3
Dam Breaking Part 4
koneri 4
Hospital Rescue
Dam Breaking Part 2
Hospital Rescue Part 2
trench caves in
Denise looks for Corey
Jody finds Rosa
remy lunches with her father
sgt Lew Slade gets suspended
TG 15.09.10 Albergo diffuso, una proposta del Pd per fissare le regole
mayors office
cracks appear in dam
stuart gets promoted
tremor felt at cinema
chasing shari
stuart gets promoted Part 2
chasing shari Part 2
filming ed's family
Further dam inspection
filming ed's family Part 2
making out with jill Part 2
making out with jill
cynthia wants to stop
ed's father died
seeing ray's book Part 2
al moves out
al moves out Part 2
ed wants to quit
ed's father died Part 2
ed wants to quit Part 2
going to jill's house
going to jill's house Part 2
public opinion on shari
shari and ed fight
meeting jill
shari and ed fight Part 2
appearing on jay leno
meeting jill Part 2
the truth about ed's father Part 2
the truth about ed's father
ed sneaks away
ed's dad arrives
talking to ed's dad
Marksman moods 摆 Ariel Moere filmbay VUCCLXXVIII Talent Booker
Ronnie Coleman Incline Bench Press - March 2011
bringing back jill
talking to ed's dad Part 2
caught making out Part 2
ed calls Cynthia
caught making out
ed calls Cynthia Part 2
running in to jill Part 2
running in to jill
Yılın süper duygusal şarkısı Yeni 2013
going on a date
getting a raise
making out with jill
presenting the idea
going to the concert
playing pool
presenting the idea Part 2
the tape for true tv
playing pool Part 2
Pêche pélamides à Monaco
choosing ed
going to work
interviewing ed Part 2
interviewing ed
clipping nails Part 2
clipping nails
ed compliments shari Part 2
ed compliments shari
brushing his teeth
going to work Part 2
seeing ray's book
ray cheats on shari
ed and shari kiss
going to see shari
ray cheats on shari Part 2
ed comforts shari Part 2
asking shari out
ed and shari kiss Part 2
ed comforts shari
ray vindicates himself
asking shari out Part 2
ed should persue shari
family discussion
looking for ray
family discussion Part 2
Rosa and The Soldier
waking up Part 2