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trying to get a doctor
time passage montage
doris as a hippie
awkward phonecall Part 2
doris as a hippie Part 2
passage of time montage
george leaves in a rush
awkward phonecall
george leaves in a rush Part 2
at the airport
at the airport Part 2
doris pregnant Part 2
doris pregnant
trying to break the ice
5th anniversary
stories about michael Part 2
wrong name
stories about michael
thinks he's in love
wrong name Part 2
doris wakes up
opening credits/first meeting
morning after
opening credits/first meeting Part 2
TG 27.07.10 Pannelli solari sulle palazzine dello Iacp
hurried departure Part 2
hurried departure
feeling guilty Part 2
feeling guilty
breakfast and confessions Part 2
breakfast and confessions
pregnancy story Part 2
pregnancy story
two stories about wife Part 2
two stories about wife
two stories about husband Part 2
two stories about husband
pictures of the kids Part 2
pictures of the kids
declining moral of youth Part 2
declining moral of youth
hall closet stories Part 2
hall closet stories
stories about helen Part 2
time passing montage
stories about helen
doris graduated high school Part 2
impotence talk with doris
Harun Yahya TV - Bloodshed at the Kaaba
doris graduated high school
michael's death
Voleur de voiture_After Effects
michael's death Part 2
plastic surgery talk Part 2
time passage montage
plastic surgery talk
analysis Part 2
phonecall from harry
parting for good Part 2
women's liberation
helen died Part 2
parting for good
george proposes to doris
helen died
george proposes to doris Part 2
stuffy george
doris refuses george
goldwater dispute Part 2
goldwater dispute
TG 28.07.10 Ferrovia Bari-Napoli, è tra le opere che il Governo intende finanziare
doris's disintegrating marriage Part 2
doris's disintegrating marriage
george talks to harry Part 2
george talks to harry
doris proposes to george
FIR - 8th September 2011 Watch Online Video - p3
doris retired
george returns
time passage montage
end credits
BLOIS 2011
doris retired Part 2
Credits Part 3
Credits Part 5
Tom Hardy bulks up for role in Warrior
Credits Part 2
Credits Part 4
Credits with Animation Part 2
Robin Leaves To War Part 2
Robin Leaves To War
Robin Leaves To War Part 3
14 Juillet 2011 à Disneyland Paris!
Rescuing The People Of Nottigham
Rescuing The People Of Nottigham Part 3
Riding To War
Rescuing The People Of Nottigham Part 2