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Videos archived from 26 April 2011 Noon

Duke Nukem Forever
Dungeon Siege III, Anjali
Bruce Miller Profile
Chasing Mark Ingram
Beyendik'te 23 Nisan Ulusal Egemenlik ve Çocuk Bayramı
Smith's job safe in San Fran?
Les dinosaures envahissent les écoles - dinosaur invades school
NFL lockout lifted
Hotel & Restaurant am Bodensee Drachenburg & Waaghaus AG
Vampire Rush - Vampire Rush - Debut Trailer - Subscribe!
Ambitious Expansion for the Panama Canal
Virtual Reality Engineering
How the Panama Canal Became a Megamover
Most Intimidating Passage in the Panama Canal
Engineering a John Deere Tractor
Race Against Time to Harvest
Ferrari Engines
How Ferrari Got Its Name
Inside the Ferrari Factories
Robots and Men Paint the R8
Inside the Audi R8 Factory
Handpainting a Lamborghini
Melting the Body of the Audi R8
Lamborghini Engines
The R8's Aerodynamic Curves
The R8's Explosive Engine
Lamborghini Murcielago
What Makes Lamborghini a Top Supercar?
Japanese Kids Compete in Sumo Championship
400 Compete in Sumo Youth Tournament
Final touches on a Lamborghini
Sumo kids meet sumo superstars
Young Sumos Face Health Concerns
Why is Earth Suitable for Life?
Yuki, Gifted Sumo Kid, Trains to Compete
Does another Earth exist?
Bizzare Underwater Creatures Discovered
How do you protect Earth from asteroids?
What Do Aliens Look Like?
Can Galaxies Collide?
Most Violent Explosions in the Universe
Scientists Tag the Great Blue Whale
Searching for Alien Life Forms
Val Louron 15/04/11
Tracking Blue Whale Migrations
Blue Whales Swim in Dangerous Shipping Lanes
Blue Whales Swim in Busy Shipping Lanes
How Mosquitos Spread Malaria
Praying Mantis Strikes and Kills
Flying Insects That Kill
Rando de Pâques, épisode 1
Search for the Blue Whale
Wolf vs Hare
Penguins, Underwater Flyers
Wolf vs Buffalo
Philippine Tasia, a Wide-Eyed Assasin
Samurai Swords Strength
Condom Strength Tests
Surfer Fights Off Shark, Loses Hand
Outbreak of Shark Attacks at Popular Brazilian Beach
Big Mama 4
Shark Attacks Surfer in Brazil
Great White Bites Off Surfer's Hand
Great White Shark bites on hook
Weather disrupts shark expedition
Wranglers set up shark bait
Sao Paulo's Armored Cars
Graffiti Artists in Sao Paulo
Africa's Biggest Recycled Electronic Market
Conduit 2 - Conduit 2 - Launch Trailer [720p HD] Subscribe!
Fighting and Praying in Sao Paulo
Unique Artist Paints with Pollution
Meet Nigeria's Tom Cruise
On a Nigerian Film Set
Thousands Pray Together in Lagos
Baghdad Metal Heads
Baghdad Stock Market
Baghdad's City of the Dead
umem projesi tanıtım toplantısı
Sand diving in Lagos
Insert a Scroll Bar in Excel
Body Building Baghdad
Traffic in Tehran
Tehran Caviar War
Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art
Tehran and the Quran
Tehran and the Veil
Basketball in Tehran
Welcome to Tehran
When 9000 Disappeared in Argentina
Fist Fights in Parliment
Bondi Lifeguard Competition
Fidel Castro's Revolution
Footage from General Pinochet's Coup
South America's Secret Police
Bondi Beach Sunrise