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Videos archived from 19 April 2011 Noon

Jordan Cameron Profile
Home theater furniture - Call 888-602-7328 - TheaterSeatStore.Com
Bringing down a stadium
World's Greatest Implosions
Zachary Eskridge Profile
How strong is a lion's bite?
Demolishing the King Dome
How strong is your bite?
iskenderun seçim güvenliği toplantısı yapıldı
Dangerous bites caught on camera
Jamie Harper Profile
How strong is a shark's bite?
African wild dogs' bite
Nat Geo Explorer tests protective gear with wolves
Stronger biteforce, hyena vs turtle
Close Encounters With Top Predators
Monkey gangs face off
Canoer attacked by hippo
Nat Geo Explorer wears croc suit, joins hippo watering hole
Meet the monkey gangs
Young monkeys face dangers on the street
Monkey gangs in street wars
Diver rescues killer sharks
Monkeys infiltrate gated community
Sisterhood within monkey gangs
Rashad Carmichael Profile
Man wrestles shark underwater
Frightful Whale Encounter
Hyenas vs Wild Dogs
Divers catch tuna in shark waters
Coronation rehersals
LA CROISSANTERIE : Interview franchisés
Meet Malaysia's royal family
The People's King
Malaysia's monarchy
Becoming Malaysia's king
In the heart of Zulu land
Zulu wedding, the day after
11 cows for a bride
Traditional Zulu wedding outfits
Final Day in New York
Pasta party in New York
Visit to Wall Street
Zulu wedding ceremony
Honeymoon Season, stage show
A visit to the Met
Arriving in New York City
Honeymoon Season, Leaving Venice
Mega Cruise Ship Diaries, Weather scares
Honeymoon Season
Honeymoon Season, Evacuation preparations
Mega Cruise Ship Diaries, Tension onboard
Honeymoon Season, Meet the cruise director
Mega Cruise Ship Diaries, The show goes on
Polar bears, also called Sea Bears
Mega Cruise Ship Diaries, Leaving Venice
Mega Cruise Ship Diaries, Tango special
Baby seals in the Arctic
Polar bears, foxes and more arctic wildlife
Baby arctic foxes fight for food
Surviging extreme arctic weather
Evolutionary patterns in Patagonia
Darwin's Galapogos visit
Sea fossils found in the mountains
Darwin discovers giant fossils in South America
Darwin's Lost Voyage
income entourage | Travis Stevenson And Jamie Lewis
Face to face with a crocodile in Jamaica
Jamaican rumble
Beep beep!
Crocodile hideout
Super Truck Jamboree
Managing crocodiles in Jamaica
Super truck rally
World's largest truck stop
Super truck beauty contest
Imperialism, School of The Americas
Imperialism in Panama
Emiliano Zapata
Indigenous Latin America
Land Reform
Colonial Legacy
Big Sur's Elephant Seals
From Cocoa to Cocaine
Big Sur's Kelp Life
Big Sur's Sea Otters
Big Sur's Birdlife Music
Big Sur's Dippers and Condors
Big Sur's Ocean Birds
Welcome to California's Wild Coast
Keeping Philly's transit safe from terrorism
High water alarm in Philly's underwater tunnel
Transporting big cash on the money train
Inside Philly's subway system
Spot the Coral Impersonators
Where do trains go when they breakdown?
Killer Cuttlefish
Flamboyant Lion Fish
Killer Octopus