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Videos archived from 22 March 2011 Morning

Liquid Fire
Nerd Housing
Tricycle Race
House Cleaning
Nerds on Campus
Playing Chicken
Rescue at Sea
Alien Drug Lab
Drug Bust
Fraternity Initiation
Your Mother Mates Out of Season
Alien Cuisine
Let's Have a Cold One
Alien Robbery
Eragon Kills Durza
Shooting Gallery
Until Tomorrow
Dragon Battle
Saphira Returns
She Could Be Anybody
Eragon Rescues Arya
Fear and Courage
Future News People
She's a Park Ranger
Dragon Rider
Gandhi the Pimp
Impending Layoffs
Inspector Kemp Pays a Visit
Goodbye, Frankie
I Want My Real Dad
Like Great Sex
Save My Baby Duilio Beretta
Christy Opens Up
Christy Saves Mateo
Life and Death
Saphira Takes Flight
Can't Feel Anything
Mateo is Dying
A Bunch of Whores
Feeding a Dragon
Taking the Case
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I Love Us
I Love You Because...
The Proposal
Fee Fi Fo Fum
No Such Thing as Love
Coin Toss Deception
Kiss the Girl
Goat Cheese
He Got You a Suitcase?
Tom Does Karaoke
A Flight for Leap Day
A Gift at Dinner
I'll Take You
Life is not a Cafeteria
On-Air Love Confession
Follow Your Heart
Richard's Worldview
Runaway Car
Brother's Betrayal
Dissin' Humphrey Bogart
Date Crashing
Doug and Pamela Reunite
We Made a Huge Mistake
I'm Gully
A Beer with Mom
Brother Fight
Dre and Sidney Sleep Together
Dre Quits Millenium
She's About to Marry Your Man!
Jennifer Jo Cobb Wins!
Turned to Stone
Creature of the Night
Dinner Surprise
I Can Make You a Man
It's Gonna Be Okay
Hot Patootie Bless My Soul
"Lassie" Howls
Sweet Transvestite
The Time Warp
Dammit Janet
Ten-Gallon Condom
V.D. Inspection
The Second Amendment
Trying to Avoid Jury Duty
Easter Chases an Intruder
Marlee Meets With Wendell
Fitch Gets Duped
Restroom Confrontation
Streetcar Meeting
Unorthodox Jury Selection
Kissing in the Garage
Lust in the Library