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Videos archived from 17 November 2010 Morning

Say no to Disney! Pikieta przeciw łamaniu praw pracowniczych w chińskich fabrykach zabawek
Camel Milk
Chinese Tightrope Walker
Oily Wrestling
New Record Set For Longest Ear Hair
Powdered Alcohol
Churchill's Teeth
Driving Lessons for Young Children.
Environmental art exhibition
Restaurant Wall of Fury
Finnish Swamp Soccer
Fillipino pig festival
The Ex Factor
The World's Oldest Soccer Match
1930's kitchen utensil orchestra
6 Hüseyin Tatar-2 IDA QURBANE 2010 TRT-6
Syrian Strongman
World's Fattest Woman
Czech synchronized swimmers
The World's Most Tattooed Woman
Dragonboat festival
Back Piercing Festival
Roller Skate Record Jump
Skyscraper Race
Agnieszka Kublik i prof. I. Krzemiński, cz. III, "PO dostaje partnera do konkretnej debaty"
Blonde Parade
World Record Bikini Parade
Sherpa Climbs Everest 20 times
Legless Man Climbs Great Wall
Nigerian Snake Charmer
Tiny Bolivian Wrestler
Mass Frog Suicide
Parkour Marathon
Rice Growing Bra
Peruvian Prison World Cup
Healthy Chinese Snacks
Zombies Take Over
Mobility Scooter Formation Display
Medio Tiempo - Cruz Azul, Noviembre 16 de 2010
Extreme Russian Water Snowboarding
Giant P***s Festival
1-Kilometer Mexican Sausage
Man Hasn't Eaten...For 70 Years
Vidéotest Multi Black Ops
Indoor Skydiving World Cup
MASSIVE Bolivian Punch Up
Robot Wedding Priest
UK Water Bombing Championships
Amazing Rural Inventor
House Built Of Coasters
Free Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Redeem Code Generator
Amputee Soccer
Cocktail Steam Room
How to Install Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Free On Xbox360
Man Marries Dog
Log Riding Festival
Extreme Toe Wrestling
Talking Vodka Bottle
Giant Da Vinci Portrait Made From Nails
Burning Wheel Festival
Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - Download Free Code
The Amazing 12 Year Old Mozart
Union Of Distinctive Mustaches
ル・モンド 伊勢崎市連取町
Motorcycle Soccer
El Salvador Whipping Festival
Chocolate Sculpture World Record
Orangutan Man Goes DOWN
Biskup: Stowarzyszenie ma ogromny potencjał
French 'Spiderman' Climbs Hong Kong High Rise
World's Biggest Shoe Thief
Medio - Monterrey 16 de Noviembre del 2010.
Medio - Desde la Redacción, 16 de Noviembre 2010
Dental Robot
La minute Cot ! 16
Shopping Bag Bra
Kluzik: Opozycja musi być obliczalna
Robot Fighting Tournament
Chilli Eating Contest
Record For Balancing Billiard Cue
Kluzik, Jakubiak, Kamiński, Bielan, Kowal i Poncyljusz zakładają stowarzyszenie
Bielecki poda do sądu Gronkiewicz-Waltz?
World's Oldest First Grader
6 Million-Bottle House
Japanese Robot Training Baby
World's Longest Cigar
PT1 Demons Night
Cell-Phone Operated Tractor
Robotic Surveillance Bird Fail
World's Largest Card Stack...Falls Over
Coffee 'Inhaler' Invented
Range Rover Evoque 5dr - wnętrze
Breast Milk Cheese
Boxing Champ With A Difference
Husband Hunting Lessons
Chocolate Hotel Room