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The new "Fight For a New Site" project can be found here: <br /> <br /><br />The petition for getting a legal streaming subtitled anime site is here: <br /> <br /><br />The "Fight for a New Site" project was oringinally created to have a legal site for viewing streaming anime directly from the animation producer's themselves. The project was closed after the start of the joint project between Turner and Viz media called "toonami-jetstream", a streaming site now offering english dubbed anime free for view. I have decided to reopen this project to have anime series that have not been offered in America, translated using English subtitles, and broadcasted at the same speed these anime series are coming out in Japan. The targeted company for now will be Viz media since they have already started a project much like this. If you are interested in Bleach, Naruto, Death Note, Inuyasha, and other Viz media shows, and tired of the search for when where, what, and how it takes every week to chase down each series you are following, dealing with the inconsistency of free fan subbers, along with all the other hassle of getting to watch what you want when you want, then you have made it to the right place! <br />