hola que tal???You and sex : a culture of citizenship based on sound foundations sex and sexual relationships and the secrets of sex information undeclared? When is unaware of a teenager or adolescent from any member is in the body generates children is converted intimate relationship to the the secret of seeks sons, rediscovered Vigaaon in the mistake of understanding and especially if they their information from sources other than responsible offered to them deceptions, innumerable about sex must first like to know that sex is the process of natural needs of human nor could be abandoned rights in any form "and more importantly is how educate our sons and daughters its assets were and asking so is enhanced the conjugal relationship there a lot of wrong practices because of the absence of sex education between spouses and in relation to the generation of youths understanding of are exposed to many of the social diseases result ignorance, SEX AND asking and its assets and the most serious of the search for the other given the lack of mutah with the partner of Forensic Hence resort wife or husband in some cases to treason divorce rate high in our society for many of reasons, including non-gazetted which is sexual aspect the sense that the women are not able to carry the relationship unbalanced sexually circles have divorce However, the declares its to its true that ignorance sexual stimulates the individual to obtain the knowledge from sources hidden or pornography and the result will be the access to erroneous information, falling into the IMAM result experimentation or experiences that lead to a feeling of disgust or sense of remorse and wrongdoing, fear and anxiety and itself involved in daydreams, sexual perversion and psychological disturbance that the objectives of sex education must include equip each individual informative proper legitimacy the necessary on the fundamentals of sex and instruction wordy relating to members Breeding and sexual behavior and make it religious teachings and social standards and values own ethical sexual behavior that knowledge nationality Taqi capita from the dangers of sexual experiences irresponsible before marriage and which tries during which he the young man or even the girl-explore the unknown or prohibited motivated urgency of sexual desire raging or of suppressed sentiments for friendly. <br />