Anke Johnson

Health coaching for equestrians is a natural fit for Anke Johnson’s passion, skills, and temperament. She’d rather be racing through the fields with her red dun thoroughbred Murphy than just about anywhere else. <br /><br />Anke’s path to health coaching began with her personal struggles with a debilitating digestive disease twenty years ago, when she began to study the effects of diet, environment, exercise, and attitude on one’s overall vitality and well-being. <br /><br />Now she is an athlete in top form, a certified Professional Health Coach, certified fitness trainer, certified Nutritional Consultant, and Reiki Master Practitioner. She is devoted to helping her clients realize how productive they can be and how empowered, motivated and terrific they can feel once they take charge of their health. <br /><br />As a lifelong rider, Anke understands how the challenges of horsemanship and the challenges of life interweave. Having experienced firsthand how a strong, healthy body, free of tension, contributes to being free of injury, elimination of chronic pain, coordination, balance, posture, carriage, and an independent seat, she is uniquely qualified to coach other riders toward their health goals, in and out of the saddle. With Anke’s help, equestrians and busy career people gain the self-knowledge, confidence and body awareness they need to get them closer to that perfect ride; in and out of the saddle.