The Reality's Temple On Earth Internet Ministry <br />Eagle Park Acres, Illinois 62060 <br /> WELCOME...2 The HOME Of REAL TRUTH ! <br /> ThΞ Ξvolution øƒ RΞparations © <br /> The Reality's Temple on Earth of the United States of Black America <br /> <br />Brother Taalik Ibn'rad represents REALISM and is a REALIST not an ATHEIST <br /> <br />A Realist is defined as follows: One who accepts GOD as a reality if one can show clear,convincing & overwhelming evidence in support,however this doesn't mean we will worship,pray or serve GOD cause no LIFE is greater than our own worthy of such <br /> <br />B. This channel has NOTHING against the homosexual community as long as one is respectful,respect will be given to you. If homosexuality is a sin then all sinners should be condemned as breaking the law is breaking the law regardless if it is stealing or murder <br /> <br />C. This channel has NOTHING against Interracial Relationships,this has been going on for centuries it is only upon the creation of White Supremacy in that war among the races have come into being <br /> <br />D. This channel does NOT advocate hatred or violence against Caucasion persons or those calling themselves Jews or what maybe called Black Supremacy to do so would make us the same thing as those we complain about and over time we will face the consequence as they face day in & day out everyday having great wealth & influence but no peace <br /> <br />E. The Blackwoman is the Queen & Royalty here given much respect <br /> <br />F. The Blackman is the King & Royalty here given much respect <br /> <br />G. This channel advocates and supports those who stand up for & fight for animal rights as well as the protection of this environment <br /> <br />H. Children are the human beings greatest asset having priority over anything of material value