Alphanaut is an electro-acoustic project fronted by singer/songwriter Mark Alan, which lifted off in 2008 after nearly a decade away from song writing. <br /><br />Mark has been writing and recording music since high school and played in a couple bands around Seattle before heading to Los Angeles at twenty-one. While in LA he wrote and performed with various musicians around town, eventually forming the band ‘November’ in the early 90’s. He fronted the five-piece project for over six years playing a style of music mixing lush guitar melodies and ambient keyboards. This was during the era of 'Garage Rock', which November certainly didn't fit, and the band members became increasingly frustrated trying to swim up tide. Unfortunately, as happens, the band split and it's members moved on to other paths. Once that project disbanded Mark spent his time focusing on other creative interests giving him a chance to clear his head and hopefully approach music from a fresh perspective. Music slipped further than expected as he struggled for true inspiration, but he was always writing 'musical sketches' of songs, many of which would eventually become part of Alphanaut.