Randy Gaudet

I have been living in Thailand since 1989. I have traveled extensively throughout the Kingdom and wanted to share my wonderful experiences of Thailand with others. <br /> <br />I lived in a remote area of north Thailand at Wat Thaton temple in the town of Thaton on the Burmese border for more than 3 years. Altough I am Christian I taught English to Monks, novices, high school students, the Thai Army, local and tourist police. I also did hill tribe programs buying clothes for the children, medicines and blankets for the families. I paid the villagers to build a bamboo schoolhouse and paid a teacher to teach Thai at the school who could speak their language. I taught them how to dispose of waste properly, keep the children and village clean and to use spoons instead of their fingers when eating which was a big source of their health problems. I provided seeds and Logan and lychee fruit trees for planting. <br /> <br />This was fine until I left the temple then the school stopped and the health problems returned. I talked with the Abbot of the temple and he now has a school for the children at the temple. He has a nurse looking after the children and takes those to the clinics that have problems. <br /> <br />I stayed in many villages and met with the village headmen many times. I learned about their culture, way of life, religion, and do's and don'ts. <br /> <br />I am now retired with my beautiful Thai wife and still living in North Thailand. We are very active in helping orphaned children through our church here. I occasionally write travel articles for magazines and newspapers. <br /> <br />Now we both travel around Asia, mostly to Yunnan Province China, Mayalsia and Hong Kong. <br /> <br />If you have any questions about Thailand please let me know.