P LaBauve

Q-Based HealthCare™ started treating parasite skin problems in people and pets with quality medicinal gels and sprays. Our proprietary blend of surfactants worked extremely well against mites and other parasites. <br /><br /> After 5 years and over 200,000 treatments later, we have refined our products, we guarantee our products will work. Our refined formulations and regimens have been tested and are produced in FDA/EPA approved labs across the country. We have experienced outstanding growth and success since our inception that has been built on customer trust and our integrity and commitment to quality products and giving good value to our customers. <br /><br />Because of our unique personal customer connection and direct feedback, we have been able to perfect our formulations and regimens to meet the ever changing requirements and demands of today’s problems. <br /><br />Please visit www.allstop.com or deadbedbugs.com or petsbestrx.com for more information.