AllAboutUs Film Factory

A suitcase. Five cameras. Two editing computers. A filmmaker who is also a teacher. A bunch of films made by young people for young people. <br /><br />These are the AllAboutUs FilmFactory ingredients. A film school on the loose. A media school for young people, aiming at connecting them internationally through their own films. Young people who feel repressed, who live in war zones, or in areas uncovered or systematically neglected by the media. But also young people in countries with media overdose, controlled by commercial networks, who, either out of lack of interest or lack of empathy, are unable to present a truly human perspective in their programs, especially the true train of thoughts living in the minds of young people. Apart from a thorough media education young people will get the chance to control the film medium in their own way. Developing individual empowerment will run parallel with learning all the necessary technical skills. Social discipline, intercultural exchange, and acquiring a critical understanding of the media world, will lead to a series of highly individual films. They will represent the world of young people proper, their environment, and youth culture at large. The AllAboutUs FilmFactortrains young people in order to be designers of their personal narrative and collective future. Young people who were active in previous film projects or from countries where the AllAboutUs FilmFactory was operating previously, will be peer educators and intermediaries in new ventures.