*April 2* Looks like there will be a new season of Degrassi starting... Hopefully I can work something out! If anyone knows any video spliting programs feel free to msg me! <br /><br />*Feb 10th Update* Lol oh wells... Guba.com took down all my videos... DON'T know why! I uploaded season 5 and 6! Took me 1 day to upload them all... pff!! If anyone knows any other site please tell me! <br /><br />*Feb 8th 2007 Update* Good news found another place to upload my videos and now u can download them also! Please visit http://www.guba.com/user/alkaholikc for all seasons of Degrassi! Thanks! <br /><br />*Updated* Sorry guys I can't upload anymore videos cause of dailymotion new rule. 150mb/20mins no more then that since most Degrassi TNG videos are 22mins. I know it sucks! If anyone knows a better place eto upload videos up to 22mins i'll gladly post the rest of the season! thanks for your viewing support! <br /><br />Yes I watch degrassi TNG so does Kevin Smith. I'll be uploading all of Degrassi TNG Season 1-6. Leave a comment if you like what you see! Join my dailymotion Degrassi group @ http://www.dailymotion.com/group/32083