To hope he flew In the wake of Hrant Beloved Friends… There is not much we can tell you today... The departure of Hrant who with his own life gave meaning to ours has now brought us to the threshold of a different and novel period. Like a shoal deprived of its common soul we initially dispersed into our inner worlds. But we soon realized that Turkey as a whole was like us and that we could only exit from this point by placing Hrant onto the horizon of the future... It is a rather strange sensation but neither Turkey nor Agos have ever been as powerful as they are now. Many of our friends have contributed to the issue you are holding in your hands. We continue on our path toward that Agos in Hrant’s vision one step at a time…With Etyen Mahçupyan as the new editor-in-chief who we, the entire journal staff, wanted alongside us on this path…. We express our deepest gratitude to all of our friends who embraced and encouraged us and provided us with hope during our sorrowful days. But our biggest gratitude is to that silent majority... To those tens of thousands of new "Armenians" of all nationalities who threw themselves on the streets as if gathering together once again those scattered pomegranate kernels... For they placed in our horizon a Turkey that renders us meaningful, a land we wish to be a part of, a country we happily own up to. The Turkey of Hrant…

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