Kendra Gamble

My personal transformation: <br />From external wealth to internal riches with God <br /><br />by KENDRA on May 10, 2010 <br /><br />Welcome. My name is Kendra Gamble. I was born into the Gamble family of Procter & Gamble, and lived a life of privilege and wealth that now seems distant to me. <br /><br />In 1992 the most amazing, mind-blowing thing happened to me. I met a current-day Incarnation of God, Lord Gourasana, and my world was rocked!!! – Rocked by the truth I was finding, the love I was feeling, the realizations I was having, and the freedom that I had longed for and was finally experiencing. <br /><br />I felt so much ecstasy that tears were running down my face. I knew this was for everyone and not just for me. I looked in Gourasana’s eyes, and said, “Gourasana, all the people…” He replied, “Yes, they just have to be told.” <br /><br />This was the beginning of a profound spiritual transformation for me, and the discovery of my destiny with God. <br /><br />I’ll be sharing about my personal experiences with Gourasana, who has come to bring the love, power, and to help to make the difference needed in this world, and who, along with my spiritual master, Kalindi G., has brought a Path Home to true enlightenment in this lifetime. So here we go… <br /><br />I encourage you to comment and ask any questions you may have. I hope you will find inspiration, love, and a sense of connection in your heart. I really look forward to interacting with you. <br /><br />Kendra